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Introducing Leddar®

Leddar® (Light-Emitting Diode Detection and Ranging) is a novel sensing technology created by LeddarTech. Based on the time-of-flight of light approach, Leddar® uses LED lighting and innovative algorithms to perform advanced detection and ranging in almost any condition.

Ultimate Adaptability. Easy Integration.

Leddar® technology is designed to be easily and rapidly integrated into countless applications, allowing brand owners, developers and integrators in numerous industries to add valuable sensing intelligence to products or processes. Depending on the final application, the technology comes in different module forms to meet specific requirements, including various form factors, ranges and beam options.

Different Modules for Different Needs

The single-element module provides a narrow, yet conic beam and is ideal for applications requiring a 0 to 20 m range, such as level sensing, security and surveillance, and proximity detection.

The multiple-element module contains 16 independent active elements, providing continuous, rapid and accurate detection and ranging ─ including lateral discrimination ─ in the entire wide beam, without any moving parts.

The Workings and Benefits of Leddar®

Leddar® sensing modules do not use a collimated beam, but a diffuse beam, providing either a narrow or wide illumination area depending on the application. Combined with its advanced science, the diffuse beam enables it to accurately detect, locate and measure all types of objects in real time at a distance of up to 100 meters under the harshest conditions, without any moving parts. The result?

  • Reliable measurements
  • Long-range accuracy
  • Unrivalled robustness
  • Extended operation
  • Low power consumption
  • Best cost/performance ratio


DETECT anywhere, anytime… Leddar®



 Best in Biz Award LeddarTM Sensing Module Awarded Best New Product of the Year!